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Parkav InfoTech is a software oriented company located in Tiruchirapalli. Since 2003 we have been helping businesses and brands by boosting impactful digital solutions strengthened by the latest technologies.

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Welcome to Parkav

Parkav InfoTech is a software oriented company located in Tiruchirapalli. Since 2003 we have been helping businesses and brands by boosting impactful digital solutions strengthened by the latest technologies. We are highly experienced in offering software development and project management. In short span of time flawless software solution will be developed for your business and brands.


Giving ideas while running business are old, we make ideas that are new that can make business greater. We follow a unique way of strategy for you to achieve big.


The development process of which we consider for you is from scratch, and that starts from planning to deliverance with quality assurance as our identity.


Every business lies with marketing, and only promotions and creating interest towards our business can change audiences to customers. We make your brand, a Brand.

Highly Creative Solutions

About Parkav

The best mobile app development company which also specializes in many aspects to make your business and personal life to fulfill destiny. Many follow some strategies to maintain the flow and performing the plan easily, but here, we are the strategy hence it is thus simple for us.

We make ideas to be well executed for the day to day need and for the future.

Planning and Analyzing is what a vital part of any business and decisions that we have it in our hand fluently.

Implementing in developing the technology is a nature of us and we are the source in using many talented resources.

As an expert in technology, we make the science very useful for anyone for anything.

About Parkav

Welcome to Search Engine Optimization, the Secret Energy of your Organization that can make your website rank on Page 1 in the search engine results


We Are Digital Marketing & Branding

People do businesses but they look for less expensive promotion and reach for theirs. Thus, the affordability comes with digital marketing where you can utilize digital marketing as the key to success because the branding is important. Types of digital marketing can make your business big in all types.

Awesome Design

Better Client Service

Creative Design

Creative Design

Digital Marketing & Branding

Speed And Flexibility










The basic skills of leaders

Our Expert using the latest technologies to build customized web applications that are amazing, secure and scalable. We create a unique online presence to enhance the business.


Why We Are Different

Yes, we are different and unique in creating ideas in meeting the requirements of the current situation. Parkav Infotech always keen on having the quality that should be differentiated with others as we show up our work in a very perfect and responsive way.

Professional work
Speed , flexibility
experienced Staff
Better client service

How We Work



The unique design of consistency is completely the initial stage of any development process which is must to be planned perfectly and matched according to the requirements.



We are the best developers in developing any mobile application and software application that exceeds the expectation and worth.



The idea, dream, and requirement met together with our plan and that developed from our specialized hands so that the product is qualified.

Highly Creative Solutions

Frequently Asked Question

As the best IT company in developing a website, mobile and software applications we used to face a lot of questions from the customers and providing them with solutions.

- How long does it take to build a website?

It will take up to 45 days for a basic site and can be longer and that depends according to the website feature and size.

- How long does it take to build a mobile app?

It usually takes 45 to 60 days approximately to develop a mobile application and depends on the cost and requirements.

- Will I get customer service even after the work is done?

Yes, we won’t leave you by the way after completing the work and give you full technical support if you have any clarification and guidelines with that.

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Our Services

We do a Software oriented Services Like , Web design & developement,2D &3D Animations , Mobile Applications ,SEO Services and Digital Marketing. We are creating the innovative Projects that includes the creativity.

Web Design

Are you looking for any Best Web Designing company in India? Then here we are, providing the best service in designing your website.

Web Development

For a business, the offline site is the building whereas the online site is the website that needs to be built by the best web developer in order to showcase the services.

Mobile Development

Parkav technologies have passionate about mobile application development. It is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices.

Ui & Ux Design

Give your applications or any online solutions a touch of Parkav futuristic and brilliant UI/UX designs. UI is ruling the app or web development scenarios. Deep research and multi medium responsiveness is something which is inevitable in any designs today.

2D & 3D Animation

This is the time of representing something in a creative way in a Two – Dimensional manner. Even a picture nowadays creates attention among everyone, a 2D/3D animation can drive attention among the elder to younger audiences.

Digital Marketing

People do come for SEO works in every corner that lies with business. We understand what the customers or clients expect for the business and from us. That makes the SEO in our way of SEO ( Simple, Execution , and Operation ) process helping their business reach in an organic way.

Our Work

All Animation APP Website Logo Web Graphics

He can be quietly called as a “Man of Excellence” , succeeded in achieving the business satisfaction among the customers. The way he understands his employees can be reframed as ONE Team , because whatever the suggestion or the ideas we give, that will be taken into account without compromise.



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